Friday, July 06, 2007

And now Bangalore is sullied

I just hope, for the sake of my dear city Bangalore and it's lovely citizens, that the 3 Muslims held on charges of the UK terror plot, turn out to be innocent. Although the connection between the person held in Australia and his cousins held in UK is still under a cloud, for the 2 in the UK things don't look too good. I mean, how does one explain what he was doing in a car full of explosives that rammed into the airport entrance of Glasgow airport and suffered 90% burns, I don't know, but I do know this: he seems pretty guilty at the moment, and this should once and for all shatter the illusion that people get involved in terror acts due to poverty and poor socio-economic status.

Groups like the Al-Qaeda are full of affluent, well-to-do, prominent, upper-middle class working people and so the hitherto stereotype of a bearded cleric with blazing eyes will have to be trashes into the dustbin. I'm not presupposing that the accused are members of any terror group, but I'm also not absolving them of the charges because of the reason in the first paragraph and also, a lot of today's religious fundamentalists tend to act on their own without any actual instructions from any higher-ups. Oh how I wish they turn out to be innocent, and this turns out to be a big misunderstanding, because Bangalore is still India's knowledge center, and will forever be, but what people do with the knowledge they acquire here, cannot be held against this wonderful city and it's citizens, some of whom still wish for it to return to the yesteryears as being a Pensioners Paradise. Come on Bangaloreans, let's butt-kick any more of these whackos from our city, lest our city moves from the global IT map to the global terror map.

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