Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's it gonna be lady?

Just what doesn't Pratibha Patil get? Why is she reminding me of George W. Bush? From one blooper to another, this lady just cannot get things right. First the purdah controversy, then the accusations from a bank of defaulting on loans to the tune of 7+ crores, opening banks that have gone into the red and taken off with peoples savings, followed by accusations of shielding her brother accused of murder, and now she can speak with the dead!!! Speak with the dead! Imagine what the Congress and the Left would have done if someone from the Right wing had come up with some such revelation. They'd have come out all guns blazing against the 'medieval beliefs of the Draconian right wingers (read BJP)' and how they're trying to marginalise the minorities, etc etc etc.

Mrs Patil, if you really want to be President, please keep your mouth shut until the elections are over, because we are already aghast that a rank outsider like you has been chosen because of your loyalty to the Gandhi family over other competent politicians (although personally I'm against politicians becoming President). Even if you do get elected as President, I will never accord you with the respect you deserve, and I will not refer to you as President Pratibha Patil, but only Mrs Patil, not because I'm against women and against a woman becoming President, but because I'm against anyone who wags their tail in front of their masters to get a better and/or bigger biscuit.

I hope, for the sake of the post, the Presidency, she can come clean on the accusations of the loans and shielding her brother in a murder case, or else, as the cliché goes, 'this happens in India only' will be on the uprise once again.

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