Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Purdah, Presidents and what not

So, the presidential race hots up and once again with the Congress party, we see loyalty taking precedence over competence. A Gandhi family loyalist gets her name picked from the fracas of the process of nomination, and the reason the pricks in government and their commie cronies give us is because she's a woman and this would be an historic moment in Indian history, and whats more she's a 'simple' woman, covers her head and so epitomises what is best in Indian women.

Who the hell are they kidding? We all know the post of President, the highest office in the land, although a political appointment, must be executed without bias, but by selecting a virtually unknown person, a known loyalist to the family and overwhelming her with joy, they just ensured that they have a stooge at Raisina who will sign their bills without causing an embarrassment and without telling them what is moral and what is not.

So ladies, if you think that this is an historic moment, please think again, in an unbiased way, because in the name of feminism, this government is using this lady as a pawn, yes, a pawn, to achieve their sadistic ends, which is to fuck the middle class even more and consolidate their Muslim vote-bank by allowing illegals from Bangladesh to enter and settle down, changing the demography of the north-east of the country, not to mention increase the security risks.

Now on to the other controversy, the wannabe-to-be President, Mrs. Patil, made a remark about the origin of the purdah and attributed it to the Mughal invasion. OK, so the future Indian president doesn't know about Indian history, or she thought she knew, but was obviously wrong. But what was shocking if not amusing was the statement made by Amar Singh; he said "it's wrong to call the Mughals as aggressors". Er, excuse me, but weren't the Mughals the ones who came to erstwhile Hindustan, raided, looted and plundered the wealth, raped women and killed innocents and desecrate places of worship? Isn't that a sign of aggression? Usually when a blow job is given, it's done in private, not in public, so I'm pretty amazed that Amar Singh would resort to administer a blow job on his Muslim chums in the hope of garnering some more nuts in his jockeys, but then again, to say what he said clearly shows the lack of nuts in his jocks, so I guess I can say that I understand.

To wind up, this presidential election is not about empowering women, this is about showing that loyalty scores over competence, the President is nothing more than a puppet and the government is its puppeteer and at the end of the day, purdah or no purdah, let's hope we have a person at Rashtrapathi Bhavan who has the good wishes of the people of this country, and not it's politicians.

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