Thursday, July 12, 2007

7 wonders...mmmuaah

What is prompting me to write this is not the fact that I'm angry or sad (I couldn't care less), but the fact that I recently read a blog of a friends friend, which had an article by Gloria Steinem titled 'If men could menstruate', and basically went about the usual ranting and raving about how men try to claim to be superior to women no matter what (even if it was the men who menstruated). It was a nice read, made me smile but also drove home the point that even women are diseased by the 'generalising' factor; generalising all men to be alike and painting all of us with the same brush.

Now I'm not a sexist pig, and I don't give a rat's ass who goes around with whom and does whatever he or she wants to, but what on Earth was Bipasha Basu doing with Christiano Ronaldo, and vice versa? Had it been John Abraham snuggling up with some hot chick, women everywhere would have gone berserk, painting all men with that dirty brush they so often use on men by calling us 'cheaters' who cannot control the penile urges that so often seem to 'control' all our actions. Now that actually leaves one question pending...what was Ronaldo doing with Bipasha? Isn't he supposedly paired up with some hot British chick? Oh that's right, she's British, how stupid of me. They couldn't get any more boring than listening to the leaders of the Congress party hail Pratibha Patil.

Anyway, what interested me the most was that Bips stated something like that it's been taken out of context. Honey, what context has it been taken out of? Oh let me guess, you were kissing Ronaldo out of joy that the Taj Mahal had made it to the final 7, right? Or were you kissing him because you were in that stage in your relationship with John where you're actually allowed to kiss other men? I'm actually not very good at guessing, so I'll leave it at 2 guesses. I just hope there aren't any arrest warrants out for Christiano.

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