Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now you see me, now you don't

Another cricket match, and again we have the telecast controversy over whether the feed should be shared with DD or not. What the hell is the matter with our cricket board (well, technically, there was nothing right for a long time, but I just had to make that comment) ? Don't they realise that by screwing around with the telecast rights, they're screwing around with the viewership for the game? I don't think this a ploy to get more people to come to the stadiums to watch the game, because at present in India, the stadiums are packed with people for any international match, what with people sleeping outside the stadiums to get tickets.

What's most shocking about this entire episode is the reaction and comments made by the politicians, especially the information & broadcasting minister Priya Ranjan Das Munshi. The nut case goes on the say that the BCCI has no rights to not let DD telecast the match because watching cricket is his right. So? How can the state machinery bully the private players into sharing their feed, for which they shell out hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars? What kind of a democratic institution do we have in place? Zee Sports, Neo Sports, et al, I pity thee. Then again, I don't. I might be found guilty of taking sides with those who violate the rights of the cricket loving junta, who inspite of paying the highest to telecast matches, end up on the losing side.


Prashanth(MSP) said...

Too many ads spoil a cricket match .... its the case everywhere ... no matter who telecasts!

I would meekly see the scores on internet and be happy about not being bombarded by thousands of seconds .... "Buy this one" ads!!


Swaroop said...

Our "football" and Hockey federations can do with such bullism - I wonder where Das Munshi is when hockey/ soccer tourneys are on..(Oh btw he used to head the Indian soceer fed - a mismanaged org)
With "exceptional" commentary, 5 ball overs and adds all over the screen - DD makes a mockery of the system. Its high time DD is run as an independent entity more like the BBC group - free to stand and fight in a commercial world.
Its also surprising that these probs just seem to crop back every tourney and all is well afterwards.

Golden Words said...

Seriously, stupid DD wont ever bid on the exclusive rights to telecast the matches, but wants others to share their feed.
I wish i was rich, i would just buy the rights to telecast the matches, and not show the match at all. That should piss off the general low IQ cricket fan into doing something constructive for 8 hours of their life.

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